3.1 Choice and control? (2013)

Choice and control


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This is one of the first pieces of work developed by the IAC, and considered one of the most critical questions about the new system of disability supports and services being offered by the NDIS:

What is choice and control and how does it work in practice?

The purpose of the paper is to show the ways in which the NDIS could maximise support and opportunities for participants to exercise choice and control.

The IAC acknowledged that many people with disability have had little experience of choice and control in their life, and that the NDIS requires a massive change in the way everyone worked – for both participants and service providers.

The paper explores what it means to have choice, and what some of the problems are in being able to put this into practice. It also looks at some ways to increase the capacity for choice and control, and how participants move from being compliant and dependent service users to active citizens making active choices and decisions.

The IAC proposed the NDIS strengthen existing user-led Disability Support Organisations so that they could work with participants and families to help build their skills and knowledge around choice and control. It also suggested funding peer support and mutual support groups was a very effective way to achieve this at a community level.

Read the IAC advice on the importance of choice and control and how this is being implemented by the NDIS.