The IAC produces independent discussion papers, reports and submissions, which culminate in formal advice to the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency.  Linked here are a selection of resources produced by the IAC and its associated Reference Groups in the first term of the IAC: 

IAC Methodology

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4 year report cover.png

June 2017 – Report: The First Four Years Report’ 2013-2017


In conjunction with the Intellectual Disability Reference Group, the IAC produced a range of advice with respect to issues impacting people with intellectual disability.

May 2016 – Advice:  What should the NDIA understand about intellectual disability?

May 2016 – Advice:  Building capacity and reducing vulnerability in participants in closed systems

May 2016 – Advice:  Equitable access to the NDIS by people with cognitive impairment on the margins

2014 – Advice: Implementing the NDIS for people with disabilities related to mental health

October 2014 – Advice: Reasonable and necessary support across the lifespan: an ordinary life for people with disability

October 2014 – Advice: Reasonable and necessary support for families

October 2014 – Advice: Promoting independence for people with disability

September 2014 – Advice: Planning to facilitate opportunities enabled under the NDIS

August 2014 – Report:  Promoting self-direction in the NDIS

August 2013 – Discussion Paper: Choice and Control