5.1 Promoting independence for people with disability (2014)

Promoting Independence


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Everyone likes to have some independence in their lives, but people with disability often face more barriers to achieving the level of independence they would like.

The IAC explored what some of those barriers might be and how the NDIS could help participants to become more independent across the different areas and stages of their life.

By looking at research from around the world on the issue of achieving independence for people with disability, the IAC concluded that some form of ‘interdependence’ is the ideal.  The paper argues that independence, autonomy and making decisions for yourself are best achieved in equal valued partnership with others.

The paper talks about ‘optimal independence’ where people are included in community through a mix of paid (formal) and unpaid (informal) supports.

The IAC made a number of recommendations to the NDIA to help support this optimal independence, such as using the planning process to address potential barriers, practical strategies to promote independence across different major life domains, and promoting safeguarded risk taking.

Read the IAC advice on how the NDIS can promote independence for people with disability.