3.2 Self-direction and self-management (2014-2017)

Self direction


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The whole idea of self-directed funding is new for nearly everyone involved with the NDIS.  It is central to the Scheme that participants who receive funding have the skills and knowledge to manage those funds and get the best possible outcomes.

There are so many decisions that participants and their families are now having to make, and it’s important that they have the best possible information to make those decisions.  On the NDIS side, there needs to be enough flexibility to meet the needs of participants, but enough structure in place to ensure that funds are spent properly and the Scheme stays sustainable.

The purpose of this IAC paper is to provide advice on the ways in which the NDIS could enhance opportunities and support for increased participant self-direction and self-management.

This is an area of ongoing work and interest for the IAC, given its importance the success and sustainability of the whole Scheme.

Through research and case studies, the IAC looked at some of the things that make it hard for participants to make choices and decisions around their funding, as well as what could be done to make it easier for them to self-direct and self-manage their funds.

Read the IAC advice on the value and benefits of self-directed funding for NDIS participants.