The Independent Advisory Council (IAC) was established to bring the views of people with disability, carers and sector experts to the heart of the NDIS*  

The role of the IAC

The IAC consists of representatives from the disability and advocacy sectors with lived experience or expertise of disability. IAC members work actively to improve social and economic outcomes for people with disability through independent advice to the NDIA Board. This video provides a glimpse into the work of the IAC members and the important role the IAC plays in the NDIS.

Establishing the IAC

The IAC to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was established in 2013 pursuant to Part 3 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act).

The IAC was established to bring the views of participants, carers and experts in the disability sector to the heart of the NDIS by the provision of independent advice based on the experiences of its members and their networks. The IAC provides independent advice to the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on the delivery of the NDIS for the diversity of Australians with disability their families and carers, to ensure that the voice of people with disability is recognised and valued. 

In addition to regular meetings of IAC Members and Expert Advisers, the IAC draws its perspectives from a deep understanding of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and through feedback and insights gleaned from roving visits across Australia to hear from participants, families, carers and providers. 

Since 2013, the IAC has worked actively to:

  • give advice which provides a detailed and nuanced understanding of the operationalising of principles and intent of the NDIS Act;

  • build and share a clearer understanding of the life insurance approach to disability and its ability to deliver improved life outcomes for people with disabilities and financial sustainability for the Scheme;

  • encourage policy and practice that support the independence, social and economic participation and inclusion of people with disability and is based on human rights principles;

  • analyse self-management - value, risks and mitigation; and

  • analyse and promote a sustainable, flexible and responsive service system.

The IAC has also established a number of Reference Groups in order to help inform the advice of the Council. 

  • The Intellectual Disability Reference Group provides advice on how the Scheme can better promote and enable an ordinary life for people with intellectual disability.

  • The Innovations Reference Group provides advice on how the Scheme can encourage the development of innovative and contemporary options across the disability sector; through the analysis of models of support in areas such as housing, support, work and leisure, which build participant independence, and promote social and economic participation.

  • The Self-Management Reference Group provides advice on how the Scheme can maximise uptake and reduce barriers to self-management for people with disability and their families.

There are many opportunities and many challenges in delivering the aspirations for the NDIS that all Australians share.  The work of the IAC aims to continually contribute to a responsive Scheme that fulfils the visions and values enshrined in the objects to the NDIS Act.


Meeting 1: Tuesday 05 & Wednesday 06 March 2019

Meeting 2: Tuesday 09 & Wednesday 10 July 2019

Meeting 3: Tuesday 03 & Wednesday 04 September 2019 

Meeting 4: Thursday 05 & Friday 06 December 2019


You can contact the Independent Advisory Council via email: advisorycouncil@ndis.gov.au